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Did you know... 

Did you know that on average regular ice cream cones contains from 170 to more than 300 calories per cone and cost average American family approximately $140 per year.

Our Cones are reusable and if stored properly last more than 8 years, that’s more than $1,000 savings, and no extra calories (Let us stay healthy).

Did you know that often reusable cones and cups cannot be recycled because such containers often have a waxy lining inside that is plastic based. Also due to easier degradation process such materials do leak as micro particles into environment. Those microscopic plastics are digested by animals and people. Out of the millions of tons of plastic produced each year, only about 5 percent of it is reclaimed. A large amount of plastic, about eight million metric tons every year, ends up in the ocean, polluting the water and endangering marine life.

Our cones are made from food grade silicone and are 100% recyclable into other materials used in many industries (as long it is sent to correct recycling center). Silicone also does not break down into microparticles, which means that even if it will get into the soil or ocean, it will not breakdown same as plastics and pollute drinking water table. If disposed of at a landfill for incineration, the silicone (unlike plastic) is converted back into inorganic, harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

Did you know that in US on average we eat 22 pounds of ice cream each year per persona. That translates to 140 scoops of ice cream and also 70 cones. For 4-person family its 560 scoops and 280 cones (wow). That is 23 billion cones per year only in USA. If only half of people would use silicone cones instead of plastic cups they use each year, we could limit plastic pollution by about 460 thousand tones (USA).

Our cones once send to recycling center will not pollute your world. Help us to save planet use our cones instead.

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