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"Welcome to ICYFUN: Reusable Ice Cream Cones for Lasting Sweet Memories!"

Less Mess More Fun
For Everyone

Marble Surface_edited.jpg

Our cones change color by ice cream

or by Sun Rays...

SUNFUN, our new ice cream cone that change color by sun rays.

or just look sweet...

Our new cone in color right for parents.

Our Products:

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Changes color from Purple to Blue

About Us

Welcome to ICYFUN, where our passion for sustainable living and dedication to providing quality experiences for families led to the inception of our brand. Founded on shared goals, ambitions, and inspirations, we proudly present a unique and reusable ice cream cone alternative.


Our vision was to design a cone that not only matches the aesthetic appeal of your favorite ice creams but also offers a sustainable, reusable solution. We believe in providing everyone with a dreamy, eco-friendly ice cream cone for their favorite frozen treats, making ICYFUN a symbol of both taste and environmental consciousness.

Changes color from Yellow to Red
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