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"Welcome to ICYFUN: Reusable Ice Cream Cones for Lasting Sweet Memories!"

Less Mess More Fun
For Everyone

Marble Surface_edited.jpg

Our cones change color by ice cream

or by Sun Rays...

SUNFUN, our new ice cream cone that change color by sun rays.

or just look sweet...

Our new cone in color right for parents.

Our Products:

Changes color from Purple to Blue

About Us

We founded ICYFUN out of a pure passion for eating ice creams and love to our kids. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly amazing product that all of us are proud of.


We wanted to create a cone that can compete in appearance and touch with the taste of your most favorite ice creams that you love.


We think everyone deserves a dream ice cream cone for their dream ice cream taste.


Changes color from Yellow to Red
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